Are your closing and appointment setting skills on “Fleek”

Yes I said it “on Fleek”  ok for those that do not know me. I have teenage girls. So they are cringing right now.

Well when I first heard the term. “On Fleek” I was like HUH? Then I had to ask around about what it meant. Oh, OK, On point! Yea? Got it. Wheww sorry ADD moment.


Now that we are all up to speed. How “on point” (on fleek) are your skills?

Crazy story time.. This week I went to a new spa. Kimberly’s spa in Omaha. If your here or ever visit check out this spa! Anyway I got there and had the pleasure of being seen by “Kimberly” Herself Long story short. We finished up, Went to follow her out to a desk inside to pay etc. Ok I bet you’re wondering why my spa treatment is the talk of todays title. Hang on! Before I even gave her my card. She showed me how her closing and appointment setting skills were.

I’ll explain, she talked to me and suggested a few things for me to try. I respectfully declined. We talked about the computer she was trying to get everything processed. I mean we had been chatting a good time through out my session. Felt like a friend. However, She did one thing. We( yes me included) Forget to do. Before she even took my card as we were laughing and chatting. She asked me by name. Patrice would you like to come in the same day next month for your next appointment, I trusted her and said sure maybe a little later in the day.

What!!!! WOW right? She gave me some times a day a month from that day. We set it up. Then she trusted to take my payment. It’s like something I heard long ago from ” Holton Buggs” BAFAM * Book an Appointment * From an Appointment. Man, That really works. He even made a point, In this scenario. Think about this one if you’re not a spa goer. Have you ever gone to the dentist and they not “BAFAM” You? Before you leave the dentist office, They are booking you an appointment for 6 months down the road. Hummmm

My thing is this I’ve struggled in this area. Closing! Then making qualified appointments. The worst that can happen is they say no. Well thought I’d share. Keep it on Fleek Guys. If your like me and this is something you can use a hand in. Closing and appointment setting. I’d love to offer you my Free Tips on closing and appointment setting. Email me for your copy:

Have a Beautiful Week!!!! 


Hey there!

Hey Their world! Ok those reading. lol Well I have taken the leap so to speak. Starting my blog!!! Wow, Right?  I’m excited for sure. Just wanted to start it off saying… Heyyyy

Now that I got that out the way. Wheww. Let me introduce myself a bit. I’m a work at home mom of 4 three teen girls and one boy. For the last 16+ years I have been in the business field. With tons of failure, TONS! I decided to get involved in Network marketing, In 2003. Ok I was ready to get things going. Had some success. You know? However, I could never figure out what I did to teach to grow my team. Ever felt like that? Oh boy have I ever.

So.. I started researching, What on earth was I doing. When other asked for my help why do I come to a blank etc. Then (wait for it) It came to me. Rather I was listening to a live periscope by “Ray Higdon” He said something that really stood out to me. Hence, the launch of this blog. Ready for it? It’s a little harsh, Ok it’s so true. He said ” Don’t be a note hoarders” Whaaaat!!!

Ok I’ll give you a moment on that one. I needed it. I am a student of life. I go to the meetings, I read the books, I attended the training calls in my field of “Network marketing”. I’m sure if you stumbled on this post. It wasn’t by accident. My question to you is: Are you doing all the things you believe you should be doing, And not teaching others? Do you feel stuck in your leadership role. Or beginning phase of being an entrepreneur? Lastly are you ready to take this journey with me? NO I’m not asking you to join my network marketing company. Rather I’m asking will you step out of your comfort zone?

Again I’m excited!!